St. Luke Roman Catholic Church

5235 South Avenue - Boardman, Ohio - 44512          (330) 782-9783

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Parish Mission Statement

We are members of St. Luke Parish, a Roman Catholic Community of Faith within the Diocese of Youngstown.  We are deeply rooted in both Scripture and tradition.

Born in Baptism and sustained by the celebration of the Eucharist, we embrace our life in Christ through prayer and sacrament, service and outreach, proclamation of the Word and formation in faith.  Guided by the Holy Spirit and motivated by our love of God and of all people, we are both a sign and and instrument of the Kingdom of Promise.

Our unique blessing and gift is that we are a parish family which creates a warm and welcoming worship environment and participates fully in the planning and celebration of the Liturgy.

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St. Luke Stewardship Prayer

Heavenly Father, life is your gift to us.  You call us to live our lives in service to others.

Guide us as we choose each day to show your presence to all those we meet.

Give us the courage to do whatever we can, with whatever we have, to bring your love to our community, and the world.



  • Saturday at 4:30pm
  • Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am
  • Monday at 8:30pm
  • Tuesday through Friday at 8:00am
  • Holy Days, please consult the bulletin

Stewardship Reflection for

July 20, 2014 - Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings for this 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time speak of God’s incredible mercy; St. Paul in his letter to the Romans reminds us how challenging prayer can be; however, Jesus in His Parable of the Sower speaks to the very heart of stewardship.

Christ could not make it more clear in the parable as He identifies directly what the story means. The Lord wants us to understand. The field is the world, with each of us as an important part of it. The seeds are the Word of God, given to us, scattered among us. The crop is the grain, but unfortunately tares – a word used to describe bad seeds and weeds – can come along with what has been planted.

Stewardship calls for us to accept and hear the Word. It challenges us to take that Word and to do something positive with it. The Word is a gift to us. We must nurture that gift and return it to God with surplus. Nevertheless, the Lord knows it is not easy, but it is something we must undertake and be committed to. For truly at the end, at judgment, God will know what is genuine stewardship motivated by love, and what is false stewardship, generated for some other reason. Pope Francis is a steward; he knows that judging is God’s work. At each papal audience he looks for and seeks people with diseases which disfigure them, and he stops and he embraces them. He knows the difference between wheat and tares.


This week take a few moments to view this site:—Awakening/Labyrinth. This site offers brief articles providing practical information to help with daily living. An "awakening" is a moment of clarity in which a new insight or understanding is gained. With this new awareness the experience of life is seen differently, and new possibilities are opened. Changes in patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior occur. An awakening allows the possibility of growth to new levels of psychological and spiritual maturity. This site also offers links to many labyrinths.

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