St. Luke Roman Catholic Church

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Parish Mission Statement

We are members of St. Luke Parish, a Roman Catholic Community of Faith within the Diocese of Youngstown.  We are deeply rooted in both Scripture and tradition.

Born in Baptism and sustained by the celebration of the Eucharist, we embrace our life in Christ through prayer and sacrament, service and outreach, proclamation of the Word and formation in faith.  Guided by the Holy Spirit and motivated by our love of God and of all people, we are both a sign and an instrument of the Kingdom of Promise.

Our unique blessing and gift is that we are a parish family which creates a warm and welcoming worship environment and participates fully in the planning and celebration of the Liturgy.



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St. Luke Stewardship Prayer

Heavenly Father, life is your gift to us.  You call us to live our lives in service to others.

Guide us as we choose each day to show your presence to all those we meet.

Give us the courage to do whatever we can, with whatever we have, to bring your love to our community, and the world.


  • Saturday at 4:30pm
  • Sunday at 9:00am and 11:00am
  • Monday at 8:30pm
  • Tuesday through Friday at 8:00am
  • Holy Days, please consult the bulletin

Stewardship Reflection for
October 30, 2016
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the Gospel Reading from St. Luke we hear the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus and his desire to see and perhaps meet Jesus. The image of Zacchaeus up in that sycamore tree is one that many of us may recall from our childhood, and hearing it — because it is a vivid impression, and one that even as we get older may — may trigger a memory.

The name Zacchaeus means “pure one,” but he certainly was not pure. We learn from his own confession how he has overcharged and cheated people in his tax collection duties. However, for all his faults and shortcomings Zacchaeus seeks purity, and he understands that Jesus is a way to achieve that. It is interesting to note that Zacchaeus climbs a tree to see Jesus better. That sounds like something a child might do, and that fulfills in a small way an instruction Jesus gives to each of us, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus follows that remark my immediately reminding us that we must become humble like children.

That is a cue for us to recall importance of humility when it comes to being a good steward, but thanks to the lesson of Zacchaeus we learn even more about how to seek stewardship. Like the tax collector we need to make an effort to seek Jesus; like him we must be humble; we must welcome Jesus into our homes and into our hearts; and finally we need to receive him joyfully.

Parish Activities

Hello, my name is Ben Burkey and I am a 16-year-old, Life scout in Boy Scout Troop 60. Troop 60’s sponsor is Westminster Presbyterian Church located in Boardman, Ohio. I am currently a Junior at Boardman High School. I like to bowl, play tennis and, I play the snare drum in the Boardman Spartan Marching Band. Some of my favorite scouting experiences are camping and backpacking.

I would like to take some time to discuss my Eagle Project. I have been a member of St. Luke’s Parish my whole life and I have always felt the need to give back. Giving back is an essential part of both Boy Scouts and my Eagle Project. This project was introduced last spring in collaboration with Father Fata. With his wisdom and guidance this project is finally coming to fruition. For my Eagle Project, I am planning to make a new outdoor worship space for St. Luke’s. I will be tearing out old benches and replacing them with new ones. These new benches will be made of pressure treated pine for the skeleton and splinter-free deck boards for the seating. The benches will be placed in an amphitheater style with the lengths starting at 6 feet and progressing up to 14 feet. There will be three rows of 5 seats along with the Priest and Deacon bench, a Eucharist table, and a server bench. I will be digging 38” deep holes in the ground and filling them with concrete to ensure no movement in the bench posts. I will be trimming one of the two of the tall bushes while the other will be torn out. I will be adding new flower beds containing small perennial plants, one in front of the stone altar, one in front of the stone ambo, and one next to the parking lot which will be used as an entrance way. This new flower bed as the entrance way will include the Project designer, the list of the donors, and a dedication to Father Fata.

Based on my current calculations, the project with be around $3000. This means that I need as much monetary and service support as possible. In addition to sending this letter out to community businesses and corporations, along with multiple presentations, I will be accepting support from St. Luke parishioners in form of time, talent, or treasure. Any person willing to donate $50 or more, will have the opportunity to create a personalized message to memorialize their family name or a loved one. These memorials will be engraved on a 4x6, stainless steel, aluminum placard. A character limit will be implemented as soon as the information can be returned to me.

I would to thank you for allowing me this time to share my current Eagle Project plans. I cannot stress enough how much help is needed. If you are interested in assisting me with my project, I will be available in the Martha and Mary room for questions or comments after all masses this weekend, (10/22 - 10/23), or may reach me via email  

 Father Fata always referred to building the Ark, so this is one more example of how we can continue to build that Ark.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Father DeLucia for allowing me this opportunity to share my project with the Saint Luke Church community.

Theology on tap

Young Adult Events for 20s and 30s

Our young adult collaborative team is planning events for the year including service projects, concerts, etc.
Please save the date for an Advent get-together in Youngstown on Friday, Dec. 2.
Check out our new Facebook page:

Theology on Tap is a program that reaches out to young adults who want to explore the role of faith in their daily lives. In this fun and casual atmosphere, you’ll hear straight talk and honest answers to your deepest questions about faith, religion, love, work and other real life experiences. Theology on Tap provides an opportunity to not only learn about the Catholic faith but also meet like-minded people and make new friends. Theology on Tap is open to all young adults, married and single, ages 21-39. We generally meet on the 3rd Wed. of the month and we switch locations every 3 months. Join us for an informal gathering of drinks, food, faith and fun for young adults on

For more info, please contact Brooke at or by calling 330-372-2215 x104.
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Also please check out our recent article in the Vindicator for more information.
Please spread the word!

For more information contact:
Brooke Steines
Or call Kristina Henik @ 330-559-5218

From Mass to Mission

Father Fata preached thought provoking homilies here at St Luke for over 20 years. He has made us laugh, cry, and at times has even struck a nerve. A number of his homilies have been collected and are being published. You are now able to purchase FROM MASS TO MISSION ~ Homilies that Inspire by Joseph A. Fata.

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